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iOS app unexpectedly crash

ONLYOFFICE Mobile: Documents
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Steps :
prerequisite : make sure the document is not already open. Kill only office app to be sure.

  1. I open spreadsheet document from another app
  2. I select onlyoffice to open document
  3. loading message is displayed
  4. the app crashes without anymore message
    see in gif video : WeTransfer - Send Large Files & Share Photos Online - Up to 2GB Free

further investigation : it crashes 1 time out of 2 with these steps. I kill the app and run again then sometimes it works, sometimes I need to kill twice.

Device: ipados 6th gen
OS version: 16.4.1
App version:
Mode: On Device

Hello @iraza
I’ve tried to reproduce the situation, but without a result at the moment. Could you please clarify if test file is located locally on your device? I’ve tried to reproduce described scenario with Excel MS, but all things are OK. It seems, that the issue is related to step 1( MobiControl app), but I need additional information.

I confirm the file is located in another app : MobiControl

Is the file located on your device or in some sort of MobiControl cloud storage? It seems to me that the issue is related to MobiControl (probably some restrictions from this app) only, since I can’t reproduce described scenario with local file and multiple mobile editors.

Mobicontrol is in the cloud.
I can reproduce this with another application Orlando also in the cloud.

Hello @iraza
Could you please provide us with a test file from your recorded test? We would like to take a look at it.

It seems that when OnlyOffice is already opened on the “On device” tab, this is not possible to open the file (maybe it’s the reason it crashes).
you’ll find video and a file : WeTransfer - Send Large Files & Share Photos Online - Up to 2GB Free
Kind regards,

It seems that the issue is related to MobiControl app in this scenario, since without this app all tests have been passed successfully. I’m not sure how to help you in this case, probably it’s better to contact MobiControl team and bring their attention to this case.