iOS app not connecting to Nextcloud

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Device: iPad Air 5th Gen.
OS version: iOS 15.7
App version: 7.2
Mode: Connect to Cloud
Browser version (for Web editors): n/a

I am unable to connect the iOS app to my publicly available instance of Nextcloud. I am able to go through the authentication procedure, including submitting my OTP/MFA to Nextcloud. Nevertheless, no connection is made in the app to my Nextcloud server. My logs on device don’t seem to indicate that anything is wrong. I am unable to see what the issue is so I can’t tell if I’ve misconfigured something with my reverse proxy or something else is going on.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Click on “Nextcloud” in app sidebar.
  2. Enter my server address (publicly available)
  3. Proceed through the auth procedure, username, password, and 2FA.
  4. Click “Grant Access”. Nextcloud responds with “You are authenticated. You can close this window.”
  5. Returning to OnlyOffice I am greeted by the same empty screen I saw before, no newly authenticated and supposedly connected server in sight.

Expected behavior: My Nextcloud server appears in the list of Nextcloud servers in the app.

Hello @ccellist
Sorry for the late reply.
Could you please reproduce the issue and record a videofile?
Also please run a test, please open mobile browser on your device and go to Nextcloud portal. is it possible to authorize on your portal via mobile browser?