"Internet connection failed..." when trying to connect to cloud

I can access and edit recent files in the cloud, but cannot connect to the cloud to see all files there. Cloud can be accessed via Android app

ONLYOFFICE cloud: Free
ONLYOFFICE Desktop Editors
OS: Manjaro Linux

hi @CapObvious :handshake:

  1. After which actions did this issue start occurring?
  2. How is the application installed on your system: AppImage, Flatpak, Snap, or pacman?

I had the same problem today after changing my first and last name on the profile. I used Cyrilic letters, also I couldn’t login if I create an account using Cyrilic letters for first and last name. But when it’s in latin everything is OK. Android and browser work but desktop cant conect.

Hi @Bardak
I understand the issue, but I am currently unable to determine which specific cloud service you are using. I presume it might be DocSpace, but Workspace is also a possibility.

Could you please provide a more detailed scenario for reproducing this problem?

  1. I just tried to access the cloud
  2. I installed the application from official Manjaro repository with pacman
    The problem didn’t persist and disappeared the next day
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