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Intégrations d'onlyoffice a zimbra

Do you want to: Suggest a feature / Report a bug / Ask a how-to question
For feature suggestions, describe the result you would like to achieve in detail:
For bug reports, provide the steps to reproduce and if possible a minimal demo of the problem: I have integrated onlyoffice with nextcloud and everything works. There is a link from nextclouyd to zimbra to be able to make links, but I can’t modify the files, an error message tells me that there is a problem with my security token on all the files (no matter the file extension, I get an error message), but I don’t know where to enter my password
Document Server version: onlyoffice Docs 7.2
Connector version: onlyoffice 7.7.0
DMS (platform) version: Zimbra 8.8.15_GA_4508.FOSS
OS: ubuntu 22.04
Browser version: firefox 112.0
Attach logs if possible.

Hi @zertag

Am I correct in understanding that the document opens correctly through the Nextcloud interface, but the same document opens with an error through Zimbra?

Could you please provide a video recording of the issue being reproduced?

yes with nextcloud the document opens perfectly.
But with zimbra I have an error message (there is a link that was made from nextclouyd to zimbra)

Hello, @zertag

Please note that integration with Zimbra is not officially supported, as we did not develop the connector for it and did not test it out.

Specify what guide you used to connect Zimbra to your Nextcloud instance.

In order to understand the reason of the issue, please also send us the archive of the folder with all Document Server logs /var/log/onlyoffice/documentserver/. Please check also Nextcloud log after you reproduced the issue and send it to us, if there are any errors.

This seems to be a JWT mismatch error or date/time settings discrepancy between servers. Please sync the date/time settings on both servers with one NTP server.

If the issue still remains, we could try to disable JWT on both side to check if this helps.

Hello (sorry for the late reply)
I used the installation guide provided by the onlyoffice team
and switched my onlyoffice server to https.
Here are my logs when I try to open a file in zimbra with onlyoffice

Hello @zertag

I want to be involved into this case too.

Please specify this information for better understanding.
Does it create a link in Zimbra portal to the file that is actually located in Nextcloud portal?