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Integration with Google drive FAIL!

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Device: Motorola G7
OS version: 11
App version: 5.5.2
Mode: Connect to Cloud / On Device
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First off, I love the idea of a mobile version of Onlyoffice, I love Onlyoffice. However, the Google drive integration is broken (or maybe it’s more Google’s fault) but the connection times out and I have to log back in every time I need to save a document. I didn’t know this the first time and I had been working on a document and when I saved the file i got an error message and I was prompted to log back in to Google drive. Doing so then caused the doc on Google drive to reload and I lost all of my edits. This was very frustrating!!! Maybe it’s not possible with Onlyoffice, but man the way Google docs works seamlessly between devices is hard to leave behind. But you guys do endnotes. None of the writing I do makes foot notes remotely reasonable. also, are you guys planning to update your mobile app anytime soon?

Hello @keweminer

Apologize for the delayed response and would like to request that you provide us with a detailed scenario regarding Google Drive, if possible, along with a screen recording. Additionally, we are planning to release an updated version of ONLYOFFICE Mobile Editors
this week, but timeframes can change.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.