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Install OO-Workspace and OO-Docs

I have installed Onlyoffice Home Server version locally (Proxmox VM Debian 12.01). Can I post-install the install script of OnlyOffice Workspace 23.05.777 from RPM/DEB packages on the same instance, since Workspace works with Docs version 7.3?
Community Server/Control Panel version: ?
Type of installation of Workspace (deb/rpm)
OS: Linux Debian 12.01 on Proxmox VM
Browser version: Firefox

Hello @judie07

What do you mean by this? If I’m right, you want to install both Document Server and Workspace on the same machine with DEB packages, is that correct?

Yes, that is the plan!
I read that I can connect my “Docs Home Server” to the (Community Server) after installation.

Indeed, you can integrate your instance of Document Server with Groups (Community Server only) with this guide:

Keep in mind that you need to have Groups installed before integrating. If you didn’t install it yet, please find suitable way of installation here.