Install onlyoffice comunity server or onlyoffice group error rabbitmq connection refused

i have installed rabbitmq but this error appears. I also tried to install onlyoffice group or onlyoffice workspace without installing rabbitmq but still getting an error.

Hello brindel.
Please point me to the guide which you used for installation. Also let us know OS version. By the way, was it a ‘clean’ installation? I mean no other apps are installed on the server.

Have same problem.
My installation:
Windows Server 2016, running on a hyper-v host.
Fresh install - noting else on machine.
AD connected.
Installing with domain admin, local admin user.
Trying to install: Onlyoffice workspace community, v 23.05.779

Hello @uki
If it’s possible, please reproduce the situation and record your test. Especially, please show us prerequisites installation step and your selections.