Insert Symbol has changed in v8

I’m writing a document that requires the insertion of Hebrew letters within English text. Version 7 allowed me to do this easily. Version 8 activates the reversed direction of the Hebrew letters when I insert them as per the Hebrew language. This has made my document impossible to write. My suggestion is to return to the Version 7 way of inserting symbols in a document.

Hello Patrick,

That is because in 7.0 RTL (Right-To-Left) is not supported, but in 8.0 it is.

If you mean that the direction of the cursor changes when it is moved between English words and Hebrew, that is because the order of letters flows differently, and the cursor should move forward/back according to the order of letters. Same behavior as in MS Word.
It should not affect the editing experience, or ruin the text.

Yes, the direction of the text changes making it difficult to insert a series of symbols in the the order I desire when I’m writing left to right in English. If I’m inserting a Hebrew letter as a “symbol” I don’t want the direction of the text to change. That’s my feedback.

Just because it works the same as MS Word doesn’t make it right or convenient. A “symbol” should be treated differently in a document than a written language, in my opinion.

I guess I’ll have to stick to Version 7.