Insert >> Insert Image: Unable to insert more than 1 image in a single attempt?

In the document editor, when you go to Insert > Insert Image, it only allows selecting one image at a time. It would be much more efficient if we could select multiple images and insert them in a single attempt. Additionally, it would be beneficial if the metadata of the images could be used so that all inserted images appear in sequence based on the datetime taken. Example: For students, it is very common to include multiple screenshots of their work, and inserting image one by one is very inefficient.

OS version: Fedora 40
App version: ONLYOFFICE Desktop Editor 8.1

Hello @vkumar

Indeed, currently you can add images only one by one. Enhancement suggestion to add possibility to add multiple images at the same was registered earlier, I am adding your request to it.

Sorry for the inconvenience caused.

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Thanks @Constantine, can i please have the link about the suggestion for my tracking?

Unfortunately, I do not have such detailed information. Once I receive any news on that, I will surely share them. Sorry for inconvenience.