Insert document reference fields


I wonder how to insert the updateable fields like document title, file name without extension…

This feature is available in LibreOffice in the menu Insert > Fields > Other fields

I searched everywhere in Desktop Editors and on the forums, but I found nothing.



hi @Cedric

Doesn’t this pertain to References Tab → cross-reference?

Unfortunately not… Via the reference tab/cross reference, there is no opportunity to insert the filename (for example), or the date, or the page number… (May be it is possible, but I cannot find how…)

Hello @Tjwan

Insert > Data & Time

It seems I’ve got it. I need to check with my colleagues whether the format (OOXML) allows for this implementation.

@Tjwan @Cedric

We have logged an enhancement suggestion to add the ability to include additional fields (Insert > Fields > Other fields). :handshake:

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