Insert audio and let it play across slides on OO Presentation. (feature suggest)

OnlyOffice Presentation audio support is not good.
On OO 7.2.0 the team has added VLC libs, so codecs are not required for video and audio playback and it is good but not enough, so I want to suggest a feature: let the inserted audio play across slides. This way we could choose the slide that the audio would start and stop.

One big feature used by many people, including education, is insert audios on slides.
In OO Presentation we can’t do this of a good way. The thing we have there is a joke.

If we insert an audio to a presentation we don’t have control when it will stop, till slide 5, 6, or the last slide, so, after the first slide the audio stops.

I will show the steps to do this on Office 2010 (it exists since always there):

  1. After choosing the sound, click on the small speaker that appears, choose the Playback tab. To the right of the volume icon is a Start submenu. Select the Run Across Slides option.

  1. On the Animations tab, select the Animation Panel option. Right-click in the Animation Panel window that appears on the left of the screen and choose Effect Options. A Play Audio window appears. On the Effect tab, check the option Stop Playing - after: XXX slides.

I tried to put another image but it was not allowed

After testing the sound. Just press the esc key to stop the presentation.

In this way, you can easily add sound to a presentation.

Second image here:

Hello @edersongs

Thank you for suggesting this feature. We will take a closer look at it and I will inform you about the result.

Hello again @edersongs

We have registered your suggestion in our internal tracker under the number 61513.
Thank you for submitting suggestions to make editor better.

Hi. I’m looking to insert many audios on one slide for professionnal training in autonomy.
Is there some news about this topic ? Thank you.

@Constantine I’m new in tech. Where can I find the 61513 suggestion treatment ?
I did look at github / gitlab onlyoffice.

Hello @dehaasbe

Unfortunately, settings Start and Stop playing for Audio tab are not implemented yet.

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