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Incorrect email or link expired

I forgot my account password, after I click forgot password, a link to restore comes. I click on the recovery link and get an error (Incorrect email or link expired) this happened after the update

Hey, @e.shap

Please specify the following information:

  1. Are you a Community server administrator?
  2. Is changing the password for other users going well?

hello, I’m an administrator. for all old users such a problem. for new users created after the update, there is no such problem.

Hi @e.shap

Please accept my apologies for the delay in responses.
Please provide some additional information about:

  1. OS of the server where ONLYOFFICE Workspace is installed.
  2. Type of installation of Document Server (exe, docker, deb/rpm).
  3. What version of Community server was the update from?
  1. Have you made any changes to the configuration files?