In view mode , Display Mode setting default value

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Document Server version: 7.4.1
Type of installation of the Document Server (docker, deb/rpm, exe)
OS: docker
Browser version: chrome 118.0.5993.89

In view mode, Display Mode can be freely selected. How can I set the default value to “Markup and balloons” in the code and not allow changes?


Hello @zima

First of all, please note that there is newer version of Document Server is available. Consider updating to the actual version for better experience.

Second, you can set needed Display Mode with review.reviewDisplay setting. For example, for Markup and balloons you need to set the value of parameter as "markup". But note that the settings described in review section are only available for the document editor if mode is set to view .
If a document opened, for example, in edit mode, the parameters are stored in browser local storage and will overwrite any values. In this case there is no way to set desired default value nor to disable possibility to change it.