In the OnlyOffice Desktop Editors 7.1.1 in the Document file the options AutoCorrect don't operate


In the OnlyOffice Desktop Editors 7.1.1 in the Document files the options AutoCorrect don’t operate.

Truly yours Sergey.

Hello @Sergey
Please provide us with exact issue scenario (step-by-step).

Hello Alexandre.

My step-by-step:

  1. Open Document in the Onlyoffice.

  2. Make sure that at the tab File → Advanced Settings → Proofing → AutoCorrect options the check box “Replace text as you type” is marked.

  3. At the tab Home type \mp \pm ± \mu \nabla. The tiped text is not changed

Screenshot is in the attached file.

Respectfully yours Sergey.

It’s my text

Thank you for your description, we are checking the situation.

Hello @Sergey
We have checked the situation. The described feature is related to equations. Please double-check this title:
In the equation editor, place the insertion point within the necessary placeholder, type a math autocorrect code, then press Spacebar . The entered code will be converted into the corresponding symbol, and the space will be eliminated.


I have the same problem with version 7.5.0 in Linux. No matter what I try, the autocorrect doesn’t want to work. Am I alone with this problem?
I don’t like Libre Office and freeoffice is not open source, it remains onlyoffice, which I like very much after the update to 7.5.0.

Best regards

Hello @renegate98

There is newer version available, please update your app and check situation once again.

Hello @Constantine

I know … 7.5.1 … I updated it via Flatpak and the problem is still there.
I just hope it will be fixed in one of the next updates.

As my colleague stated, Math AutoCorrect works with equation editor only. To use that, you need to navigate to Insert tab, insert an equation field with Insert Equation button and add the value that must be corrected.
Please see this small demo where I use \leq value in the regular canvas first and then in equation editor:

As you can see, once I pressed Spacebar in equation editor, it changed the value to specified symbol.

A pity. Now version 8 is here and there is no autocorrection for normal text again. Math AutoCorrect works, but it should also be available for normal text. So I’m going to buy Softmaker.


The suggestion to implement possibility to correct words as you type with Text AutoCorrect as well as add custom words similar to Math AutoCorrect was earlier registered, now I’ve added your query to it. Unfortunately. I cannot provide estimated time frames on when I will be implemented.

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Thank you for the info. I will monitor further developments.

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