In the Community version I can't add an external link to a folder, there is an option to grant external user access for files only. Really need external link access for folders - it doesn't work! Also adding multiple external links doesn't work

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Hi @Ann
Can I ask you to provide more details about the issue and specify the product you are using?

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Yeah, sure. In the photo is the version we’re using: Version Also, having studied this information, per the link (Sharing files and folders - ONLYOFFICE) , I can’t add multiple external links for a file and also can’t add external links for file folders.

That is, I can’t add an external user via a link to a folder.

Can only add links for external users to an individual file, and only one link at that. But the instructions on the site say that I can add an unlimited number of external links to documents.


  • The current version of Community Server is 12.6.
  • Could you please confirm if you have the “Sharing settings > Enable external link access” option enabled? (This setting is configured by the portal administrator)