In onlyoffice desktop version 7.4, where are the form template files stored?

I am running Windows 11 and have ONLYOFFICE 7.4 Desktop installed.
I want to know where the standard form templates provided as standard are stored.
There are several suggestions on the web, but none match what I see on my computer.
Can anyone help ?

Hi @CSleightholme
I’m on Win 10 Pro, so the setup should be fairly similar, and in my case, they are in the following path;
C:\Program Files\ONLYOFFICE\DesktopEditors\converter\empty\en-US

The form template file was not actually present until I used “Create New / Form Template”, then the file “new.docxf” was created in the aforementioned path.

Is that what you were looking for?

Hello David, thanks for your reply, but those are not the templates I am referring to. The ones I want to know about are those I can see under the Templates option ( e.g. the first ones I see are “30-day eviction notice form” and “Affidavit form”. This Templates option is after the 4 Create New options on the start screen, and above “Recent files”.


I’ve found out that these templates are on the Internet rather than being stored locally, which is unfortunate as I wanted to create some templates more relevant to myself and remove the default ones. I guess this can’t be done ?


Hi @CSleightholme
Based on what you have said, probably not, but one of the support people may confirm this anyway.

If you create your own form from the default blank template, you could create your own “template of sorts”. And when finalised, save it to and then mark it “read only”, which should force OO to “Save as…” as opposed to over-writing your home-brew template.

That’s probably the best solution I can suggest until I delve more into this form concept.


Hi @CSleightholme

Yes, at the moment, templates are loaded from the Internet.
I will consult with my colleagues regarding your idea.

@DavidRGreen thank you for providing solutions for @CSleightholme

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Hey @CSleightholme
We have registered an enhancement suggestion to “add the ability to change templates in the Templates folder” in our internal tracking system. It will be added in one of the future releases of the app.
Thank you for your suggestion.

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