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In Nextcloud, only the owner can rollback versions

For bug reports, provide the steps to reproduce and if possible a minimal demo of the problem:
Document Server version: ONLYOFFICE/
Connector version: 7.6.8
DMS (platform) version: Nextcloud Hub 3 (25.0.3)
OS: ubuntu server 22 LTS
Browser version: Chrome version 109.0.5414.120, 64 bit
Attach logs if possible: Tell me how to do it and where to get it from docker and ubuntu 22

User 1 creates a file and makes changes to it and saves (strict mode, but there is a problem in all editing modes), share the file with User 2
User 2 makes changes and saves (strict mode)
Further, User 1 has the opportunity to roll back the version of the file, but User 2 does not, there are no errors, the version is simply not restored back, this only works for User 1.

The result is that only the owner of the file can manage versions, although I do not use the group folders extension with nextcloud, there is a bug in this extension in another topic. User 2 has all permissions on the file.

Hello @urnash

Unfortunately, we weren’t able to reproduce the issue.
Possibly you are restoring versions way too fast, please try to wait few seconds after saving the version and restoring it.
With that said, try to reproduce the issue again and provide us a step-by-step scenario on how to surely reproduce it after.

Unfortunately, we were unable to reproduce the issue.
it turns out that there is an error in your program, but it always manifests itself in different ways and does not always manifest itself

You may be restoring versions too quickly, try waiting a few seconds after saving a version and restoring it.
no, this is not so, the recovery does not work and user 2 even after 1 day, only on my videos as an example, I do the recovery quickly and without pause, but in fact the interval does not matter.

With that said, please try to reproduce the issue again and provide us with a step by step scenario on how to reproduce it afterwards.
I have already provided everything step by step and recorded the video, do I need to record the exact same video again?

If you are ready to give me time, then I am ready to give it to you and help you and yourself, maybe you will find errors in the program and fix it, but maybe the problem is in my system.
I am ready to provide you with 1-2 test accounts, or remote access via ani desk
Fine? if so, send me an email or other communication channel and I will get in touch with you directly

Hello again @urnash

Sorry for the delayed response.

Unfortunately, we weren’t able to reproduce the issue with provided video reference.
Please reproduce the issue one more time and share whole log folder of Document Server afterwards. You can find log catalog in /var/log/onlyoffice/documentserver/ inside the Docker container.