In french, the default dictionary does not take into account the 1990 spelling reform

In French, since 1990, it is allow (even advised) to used a “simplified” version of the spelling of some words (for instance the ones with accents).
From what I see, OO is not using a recent dictionary, as it underlines “maitre” (teacher in French) and offer “maître” which is the former spelling.
I guess there should be an update to be done somewhere :slight_smile: in the default spelling dictionary.

Hello @arcqus

Sorry for the late response.
Currently we are discussing this case. I will inform you when we get any results of this discussion.

No hurry no worry, take your time, it’s far from being a blocker.

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Hello again @arcqus

We have created a suggestion 61441 based on this thread.
We will internally discuss the way to implement corrections in French according to the reform into editors. This implementation will be available in one of the future releases.

Thank you for pointing to this moment!

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