Improve the speed of opening Chinese documents for the first time


Regarding the slow opening of online preview or editing of Chinese documents for the first time, we have been troubled for a long time, and we have received feedback intermittently many times before, such as optimizing the display speed of the first screen or adding asynchronous loading and other features.

Based on previous communication, we understand that this is included in the product iteration plan. Are there any relevant release plans?

Hello @hejx

Usually first opening of a document may be slow due to downloading of all fonts, including custom ones that were added. After initial opening, all further openings shouldn’t have such problem.

As for the asynchronous loading: we indeed planning to implement such mechanism, however, we do not have any estimated dates as of now, unfortunately.

As far as I understand, you have already discussed similar questions via Zendesk. Please feel free to contact us there to get prompt replies or if some questions are still in progress.