Impossible to access control panel

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From the beginning i’ve installed Onlyoffice Community server (install on windows serveur 2016) i’ve a problem to access control panel.

In fact, i can’t use the https automatic option to pass onlyoffice in https.
So i’ve use lets encrypt to do it…

Unfortunately since this date, i can’t acces control panel and i don’t know why!

If someone have an idea it will be wonderful! :slight_smile:

Thats all

Thx for your help

Hello Martin,
Could you please specify the guide you were using to enable HTTPS for your Workspace installation?


Sorry for late answer, i have just used Lets encrypt and install a security certificate for the “website” Onlyoffice and force the HTTPS. That’s all.

I don’t know what i can say moreover


Have you used our script for certificate generation or have you just ran certbot which automatically generated and applied the certificate?

No i have download lets encrypt and install on my server (its a VM windows server 2016 standard).

Then i 've just launch and certificate it… dont use your script because it doesnt work :frowning:


Anyone have an answer or anything ? :slight_smile:

Hi, sorry for the late reply. The correct procedure to enable HTTPS for Workspace on Windows is described here:

In your case I’m afraid Let’s Encrypt utility could alter the configs in an unwanted way. I would recommend reinstalling the Workspace and after that enable HTTPS as described in the documentation.

Ok thanks you ! If i want to reinstall everything, how can i save my data (and more than that, where are they ? :slight_smile:

Portal files are stored at CommunityServer\Data\ directory. The better option is to create a snapshot of the server before reinstallation, so you are able to quickly roll back to the working state.