Image advanced setting is not work

I used the insert spreadsheet function and right-clicked to change the advanced image settings. I adjusted the horizontal and vertical settings, but it did not work properly.

Hello @Donglin
Please share a test file and exact steps of your usage scenario. If it’s possible, please record a video file. We will check it out.

Hello Alexandre,
Please see the attached file for your reference. Thanks for your help.

test123.pptx (30.8 KB)

Hello @Donglin
Thank you for the provided data, we are looking into it.

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Thank you for your response. We look forward to further information. Please feel free to reach out if needed.

We will update this thread, once we have something to share.

Dear @Donglin
Thank you for pointing us to this situation! We have found a bug. We have started working on it.

Dear @Alexandre
Great! Thank you for your effort.