Iframe and real time

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Hello there!

Im facing a issue. I got an a iframe working perfectly on mi test project (Razor page), the editor is working fine and loading docs… but… is not saving changes, also is not working collab on real time.

This is my config

    config = {
        "width": "100%",
        "height": "1000px",
        "type": "desktop",
        "documentType": docType,
        "token": "",
        "document": {
            "title": fileName,
            "url": baseUrl + fileName + addrUrl,
            "fileType": ext,
            "key": "",
            "info": {
                "owner": "Me",
                "uploaded": "Wed Oct 18 2023",
                "favorite": null
            "permissions": {
                "comment": true,
                "copy": true,
                "download": true,
                "edit": true,
                "print": true,
                "fillForms": true,
                "modifyFilter": true,
                "modifyContentControl": true,
                "review": true,
                "reviewGroups": null,
                "commentGroups": {},
                "userInfoGroups": null
        "editorConfig": {
            "actionLink": null,
            "mode": "edit",
            "lang": "es",
            "canCoAuthoring": true,
            "canRename": false,
            "callbackUrl": "" + fileName + addrUrl,
            "createUrl": ""+ext+"&userid=uid-1&type=undefined&lang=es",
            "templates": [{ "image": "", "title": "Blank", "url": ""+ext+"&userid=uid-1&type=undefined&lang=es" }, { "image": "http://rw-mpf-desa-06:52695/example/images/file_docx.svg", "title": "With sample content", "url": ""+ext+"&userid=uid-1&type=undefined&lang=es&sample=true" }],
            "user": {
                "group": "",
                "id": "uid-1",
                "name": user
            "embedded": {
                "saveUrl": baseUrl + fileName + addrUrl+"&dmode=emb",
                "embedUrl": baseUrl + fileName + addrUrl + "&dmode=emb",
                "shareUrl": baseUrl + fileName + addrUrl + "&dmode=emb",
                "toolbarDocked": "top"
    var docEditor = new DocsAPI.DocEditor("placeholder", config);```

And this is my razor page

@page “/OOtest”
@inject IJSRuntime JSRuntime
@inject NavigationManager NavigationManager
@inject AuthenticationStateProvider AuthenticationStateProvider

iframe { border: 0; height: 800px; width: 100%; }

@code {
private string fileName;
private string UserName;

protected override async Task OnInitializedAsync()
    var authenticationState = await AuthenticationStateProvider.GetAuthenticationStateAsync();
    UserName = authenticationState.User.Identity.Name;
    // Obtener el valor del parámetro fileName de la URL
    var uri = new Uri(NavigationManager.Uri);
    var queryString = System.Web.HttpUtility.ParseQueryString(uri.Query);
    fileName = queryString["fileName"];

protected override async Task OnAfterRenderAsync(bool firstRender)
    if (firstRender)
        await JSRuntime.InvokeVoidAsync("initOnlyOffice", UserName, fileName);


I hope you can help me. I'm using onlyoffice document server (i need this version). running on docker.

Hello @fedeamandi :handshake:
It’s challenging to understand how your configuration is working :thinking:

Please send a video demonstrating how you managed to launch the editor with your configuration.

You have specified “example” in the callbackUrl, which is not correct. If I understand correctly, and at the address, you are opening the OnlyOffice Docs example

If you need integration examples:

I’ll provide you with some links. Take a look at the configuration and callbackUrl examples.

Why 7.1.1? :upside_down_face: