Ideas for keyboard shortcut improvements in Spreadsheet

I am a heavy & proficient Excel user and do 95% of the commands using keyboard shortcuts. I think OnlyOffice is already quite good with keyboard shortcuts (e.g. “Alt + letters” to navigate the ribbon) but there are a few improvements I’d like to suggest:

  1. Adjust the ribbon navigation (Alt + letters) to more closely match Excel. Some examples for Excel ribbon shortcuts I use daily:
  • alt + hsb/hsbr/hsbl/hsbo/hsbs/hsbn for borders (bottom, right, left, top, all sides, none)
  • alt + hal/har/hac for align left/right/center
  • alt + hm for merge and center
  • alt + hw for wrapping text
  • alt + ag/au for grouping/ungrouping rows and columns
    This is just an example, there’s many more. I noticed that OnlyOffice has slightly different shortcuts and I think it would be better to match the Excel ribbon shortcuts if possible. Many people are proficient with Excel’s shortcuts but very few want to re-learn them for OnlyOffice.
  1. Some useful “normal” shortcuts (not ribbon navigation) that are currently missing but present in Excel:
  • ctrl + d/r for dragging down/right the current cell (i.e. copy-pasting the current cell into the selected cells below or to the right)
  • alt + est/esv/esf/esc to paste only style/values/formulas/comments
  • alt + oca/hoa to automatically fit the column width/row height to the cell contents
  1. (Alternative) Ability to define your own keyboard shortcuts, both for keys pressed at the same time (like press Ctrl + D at the same time) or pressed in a sequence (like while pressing Alt you press O then C then A). This would solve all the other requests people may have and if you have an ability to export/import custom shortcuts it would even be possible to a member of the community to create a carbon copy of all of the Excel shortcuts (as long as the corresponding features exist in OnlyOffice of course). This would be a major differentiator compared to e.g. LibreOffice and would make it much easier for experienced people who don’t want to re-learn all shortcuts to change from Excel to OnlyOffice.
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Hi @Keep4758
Thanks for making your suggestion and for the detailed information.

We need some time to discuss the situation internally. I will update this thread when we have something to share.

Hey @Keep4758

Sorry for the delay in responses :upside_down_face:

We have registered your suggestion to add the ability to choose a combination of hot keys to the user independently under the number 48987.