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Icons missing after backup restore

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Community Server/Control Panel version: 11.6.1035
Type of installation of Workspace exe
OS: Windows server 2019
Browser version: chrome news

After Backup restore, thumbnails are missing in CRM Contacts Companies and People section. Strangely, when an address is opened, there are pictures. Could you help me, please.

Hello @Prof_h_c_K_Krause
It’s a little bit strange. Could you please re-check the situation in different browsers or clean browser cache?

Hello, Alexandre,
sorry for my questions in the forum. I think it’s already done. I cleaned all caches and restarted the server and Windows operating system. Now I see all thumbnails. Sometimes standard ways bring results. Thanks for the advice! Next time I will try everything myself for the time being to find a solution.
best regards, Konstantin

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