Icon missing for Onlyoffice Desktop Editor in Windows 10 Start Menu

I’m using Onlyoffice version 64 bit on Windows 10. When I create a Start Menu shortcut, there’s no icon for the Onlyoffice editor. Regardkless of the tile size, it’s not showing the icon.

I have tried removing the shortcut and adding again but it didn’t work. I checked for updates and seems like I have the latest version. Interestingly, the Start Menu apps list has the Onlyoffice icon, but when I right-click and Pin to Start, it’s still missing the icon.

While not a huge issue, I have it pinned for quick access but I’m unable to find it from the menu because the icon is missing.image

Hey @tukykarmakar :wave:
Interesting bug)
The scenario seems to be clear. Specify the exact version of your system. Press the Windows + R key combination and enter winver
You installed the application using the installer .exe or .msi ?

Hi @Nikolas

I don’t remember what installer I used. I installed about a year ago and used the app’s Check for Updates button to update it. I cleared my Downloads folder multiple times since then. One day I noticed that it stopped showing the icon, not sure if it was right after updating.

Here’s the Windows version screenshot

Does the problem reproduce when reinstalling the application?

Haven’t tried reinstalling, but I’ll give it a try now. However, do you have any suggestion on which version and which installer to select? There’s two versions for Windows 10, each with a .exe and .msi installers.
Here’s the link that I took the screenshots from–

Okay, so I installed using the .exe version of the x64 version. The icon is now back. Thanks for helping.

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