I want to install Onlyoffice workspace on a local server


I want to install Onlyoffice workspace (community edition) on a local server (Ubuntu). I want all the parts of onlyoffice workspace (docs, mail, https, updates, …) be available on my local server. I understand that in this case I must use docker and install onlyoffice workspace version with it. I have never used docker, so, I don’t know how to implement this. I will use the script available for the workspace edition with docker to avoid problems. Does the script install docker and the items of onlyoffice workspace ? Or must I install docker first apart and then launch the script ?

I don’t know how to go about it.



no one ?

I only want to know if I must install docker first and then launch the script from here (for docker version of onlyoffice), or, is the script install all the components (docker inluded) ?


Hi bob, better to have docker installed before running the script. When running the script there is a selection whether you want to use docker or not, but using docker is better.

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Thanks for your reply.

that’s what I wanted to know.

Hey @Bob :handshake:

It is necessary to note that If you select ONLYOFFICE Workspace from RPM/DEB packages, you will need to manually install Mail Server and connect it to your ONLYOFFICE installation.

Instructions in Help Center: Connecting ONLYOFFICE Mail to ONLYOFFICE Groups via Portal Settings - ONLYOFFICE

Thank you, @BimsaraM : ) :handshake:
But if you don’t have Docker installed, the script (workspace-install.sh) includes the Docker installation.