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I modified part of the source code of web-apps. How do I deploy my modified source code to the document server?

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I want to modify the source code of web-apps to meet some of my needs, but after I complete the modification, I don’t know how to deploy it to the server. How should I do it? Thanks

Document Server version: 7.4.1

Type of installation of the Document Server (docker, deb/rpm, exe)
OS: Mac-M1

Browser version: chrome 117.0.5938.62 (arm64)

Hello @natamox
You have to compile your code. There’s a guide about Document server compiling: Compiling ONLYOFFICE Docs for a local server - ONLYOFFICE
I believe you can use it for reference.
Please bear in mind that we do not provide support for Document server with changed source code on this forum. If you face any issues, it’s better to discuss it on GitHub