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I cant find a way to export as jpg an image previously inserted into a spreadsheet

Hello everyone. I have a spreadsheet with some jpg images that I previously inserted in it. Now I need to export or extract those images into JPG files and I cant a way to do it.

I tried to copy it but the paste option is grayed out in my image editors as if the clipboard is blank.

Any way to do this?


In Excel there’s a “Save picture as…” option when you right click on the picture. It would be nice a similar function.

I found a workaround. It’s not ideal but it worked.

  1. Copy the image on the Spreadsheet
  2. Paste it into a Presentation document
  3. Right click → “Save As Picture” (saves it as .png)

Hope they add this feature to Spreadsheets and Documents.

Hello @herhey

We will take a closer look at this suggestion. I will update this thread once I get any news.
Fortunately, you have managed to find a workaround solution for this case.

We have this suggestion registered in our internal tacker under the number 19262.
We are working towards implementing the possibility to save pictures in all editors. However, right now I cannot provide any estimated time frames when this feature will be available.

Thank you!

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