Hyperlinks as attachment in Spreadsheet

Hey there,

So If I understand correctly after some hours of researching, it’s not possible to embed other files into a spreadsheet or doc (yet?). We have a feature we want to build to tackle this as our customers want to be able to include attachments into their file. I found out that I can reuse the hyperlink functionality for this, as it represents an attachment in a sort of way. I add and link the hyperlink to the same cell (internal address). So far so good, I achieved it like this for spreadsheet case:

  const addHyperlinkToRange = () => {
    // @ts-ignore
    window.connector.callCommand(() => {
      // @ts-ignore
      const sheet = Api.GetActiveSheet()
      const sheetName = sheet.GetName()
      const cellRange = sheet.GetSelection()
      const address = cellRange.GetAddress()
      sheet.SetHyperlink(address, '', `${sheetName}!${address}`, 'zambia_poi.shp', 'Included attachment')

Now I have some questions to proceed my feature:

  • Is it possible to add multiple hyperlinks to 1 cell?
  • Is it possible to have text AND a hyperlink (or multiple) in a cell?
  • Is there a method called when a hyperlink is deleted so I can listen to that method and do some stuff on our end to delete the link with the attachment in our db? For this particular part I wanted to listen to onMethodReturn method you provide in your documentation, but I can’t seem to retrieve feedback in there, maybe I do something wrong?
  • When I listen to onDocumentStateChange, I don’t get relevant info back about what happened, like if I could know they cleared a cell, I could check if it was a hyperlink or something?

We are using React in our frontend btw.

Would be nice to have some feedback about this, thanks in advance!

hi @LaurensSequesto :wave:

Yes, let’s take a look. As far as I remember, in our application, you cannot use two hyperlinks for one cell, just like in MS Office. It seems to be a limitation of the format.