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HTTPS not generated on domain

I have recently installed WS Communty Edition on Ubuntu server and almost everything works smoothly, but I am having problems to generate and to apply the SSL certificate through the control panel.

It does enable the HTTPS connection, but the certificate is indicated to “-”, therefore the website is considered as risky by the browser.

It did work before to this same system, to another subdomain, but since I changed the subdomain it never worked.


Hello @brunoleonadvogado

Currently, we do not have certificate generation for multiple portals via Control Panel.
To achieve this we added script as a workaround to the the Community Server. Find the script in var/www/onlyoffice/Tools/
While executing the script you have to point out both of your portal domains, so the command without need to enter the container will look like this:
docker exec -it onlyoffice-community-server bash /var/www/onlyoffice/Tools/
where and are the domain names of your portals.

It simply worked Constantine, your product is simply amazing guys!