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How to use initDataType "desktop" to get editor data

Hello! I am using spreadsheet desktop editor.

I open an xlsx document and run the plugin from the current book. I want the editor to send the current book data to the plugin (similar to sending selected text when you select variations.initDataType = text in config.json file).

I’m trying to use in config.json file variations.initDataType = desktop.

“variations”: [

“initDataType”: “desktop”,
“initData”: “”,

and expecting to use it like data on window.Asc.plugin.init:
window.Asc.plugin.init = function (data) {

But this one doesn’t work. The analogous method variations.initDataType = text works.

Please tell me how to use variations.initDataType = desktop or what method can I return the data of the current workbook to the plugin from the current open workbook where I run the plugin.

Hello @nataromrom

I’m checking the situation.
I will let you know when any news come up.

Hello again @nataromrom

As far as I can tell the initDataType=desktop is used for plugins for Desktop Editors only. I keep on figuring this out, I’ll provide more information once anything comes up.
Meanwhile, please specify what kind of data of the workbook you want to receive via plugin.