How to use Chart Wizard in Excel sheet?

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In Excel sheets, charts can be created manually, but it also offers the Chart Wizard feature to simplify the process. It is a tool that simplifies the creation of visually appealing charts and graphs, from simple data presentation to complex visualizations. In this tutorial, discover how to use Chart Wizard in Excel to visualize data and create impressive charts.

How to use Chart Wizard in Excel sheet?

What is Chart Wizard?

The Chart Wizard is a spreadsheet feature that guides users through the process of creating charts and graphs. It provides a step-by-step interface to help users select data and chart types and customize various aspects of the chart’s appearance depending on the selected data. The Chart Wizard is designed to make the charting process more intuitive and accessible.

When users launch the Chart Wizard in Excel, they see a series of recommendations. They typically include selecting a range of data to plot, selecting a chart type (e.g., bar, line, pie, or stock chart), specifying chart parameters such as headings and axis labels, and additional customizations as needed.

How to use Chart Wizard in Excel sheet?

The Chart Wizard simplifies the creation of charts and allows users to focus on effective data presentation.

Since version 8.0 ONLYOFFICE Spreadsheet Editor comes with the Chart Wizard feature that displays a list of the recommended chart types and a preview for all types of charts based on the selected data. Let’s see how to use Chart Wizard in Excel sheets.

How to use Chart Wizard?

In ONLYOFFICE Spreadsheet Editor the Chart Wizard is activated by the Recommended Charts button on the Insert tab.

How to use Chart Wizard in Excel sheet?

Once you click, you will see recommendations of the ready-made charts and their previews.

Create a new chart using Chart Wizard

Let’s create a chart based on our table.

Step 1. Select the cell range that contains the data you wish to use for the chart.

How to use Chart Wizard in Excel sheet?

Step 2. Go to the Insert tab of the top toolbar and click the Recommended Chart icon. You will see a window with ready graphs based on your data.

How to use Chart Wizard in Excel sheet?

Step 3. Switch between the recommended chart types to see what the chart will look like. You can also use the tabs on the left to preview other chart types.

How to use Chart Wizard in Excel sheet?

Step 4. Once you have selected the type of chart or graph you want, click OK to insert the chart into the spreadsheet.

Step 5. Place the chart in the desired position in the sheet and customize additional parameters in the right-side toolbar if necessary.

How to use Chart Wizard in Excel sheet?

Customize the chart size and style. In the parameters, it is also possible to change the displayed data without deleting the chart itself. To do this, use the Select data function.

Consult the ONLYOFFICE Help Center to learn about all the possibilities of working with charts in Spreadsheet Editor.

After you have configured all the settings, your chart is ready.

Replace the ready chart with Chart Wizard recommendations

Suppose you already have a chart in your spreadsheet, but you want to improve it to visualize the data more clearly. In this case, Chart Wizard will help you to choose the best option. You can save time by not having to go through all the possible options.

To do this, click on the ready chart and go to the Insert tab —> Recommended Chart.

In the window that opens, select the chart type that suits you best among the options that appear as icons in the upper row.

How to use Chart Wizard in Excel sheet?

Click OK and the chart will be replaced with a new one with the same size and style.

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