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How to update workspace (CE)?

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Type of installation of Workspace (docker, deb/rpm, exe): docker using
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first of all thank you very much for this fantastic project. I am using it while phasing my MS subscription out and there is little to be desired.

I am using the Workspace CE and installed it via Now I am wondering how to update the installation.

I am aware that I can update “something” from the Control Panel. But I am uncertain whether this only updates the apps themselves or also the docker containers inside which they run.

Could someone please clarify that for me?


Hello! @onlywolfe

The WorkSpace consists of several main parts:

  • Community Server

  • Document Server

  • Control panel

You can update them directly through the Control Panel - Updating ONLYOFFICE Workspace to the latest version - ONLYOFFICE

You must have a script file on your host, in which case you can update using the command - bash -u true

You can read about the -u true flag in our HelpCenter.

If you do not have a mail server installed, then, you need to use the command - bash -u true -ims false

Thank you Russell!

Can you confirm whether updating via Control Panel will update the docker containers (vs only updating the components running inside those containers)?

(I understand from your link that updating using the -u true flag will update the docker containers.)

Thanks again!

Bonus question :slight_smile:

When I try to update via bash -u true, I get an error message that the minimum installation requirements are not met (min. 40960 MB free hdd space).

Now, I understand that there is a check for the initial installation, because that takes (a lot of) space. But after installation, obviously that space is taken. Do I really need to make another 40GB available just for updating? I would hope the update does not need all that space again…?


Hello @onlywolfe,

Yes, it just simply removes the old container and installs a new one in its place. Portal data such as files, users, etc. are mapped on the host, so they will remain, but, we recommend you create a backup or snap of your whole server before updating it.

You have to run the script with -skiphc true flag, this flag disabling the hardware checking. You can check all flags using the script bash -h

Perfect! Thank you.

It went through fine this way, telling me that all containers were already the latest version, because I had updated via Control Panel a couple of days ago.

Regarding the -skiphc true flag I was worried that the update might require more free space than I had available and then get stuck, if there is no check at all. Can you tell me how much space needs to be free for the update?


Hello @onlywolfe!

It depends on the docker image sizes. You can check it out on, for example:

Also, please note that you can remove old docker images when the update process is completed.

NB! We always recommend preparing the whole server backup before the update process just in case.