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How to totaly disable plugins or remove plugins management in Document server

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Do not like that anonymous users can install plugins (change system program structure in any way), when they editing document as guest.

a) Can I remove plugins tab totally.
b) Can I remove “plugin manager” button with underlying plugin management functionality.

Hello @polauf

You can deactivate the plugins button in the editor’s initialization config in the “customization” section, here is the link from the Onlyoffice API Website ONLYOFFICE Api Documentation - Config

NB! This solution is available for server-based Document Server. It is not available for cloud solutions.

Thanks @Russell for feedback. I didn’t have a time to deal with that. But it is configuration option. So I think it will work for sure.

Thank you for answering my question.

Hello @polauf.

You are welcome. If you have any other questions, feel free to contact us.

Hello @Russell

I don’t understand how the above solution disables plugin manager for all users? Could please share an example on how we can disable plugin manager for all users?

Hello @nivesh
If you don’t mind, I will join this thread.
The mentioned link is useful in case of your own integration (you have your own storage and you integrated Document server (DS) with it). In case of using ready-to-go connector apps ( you can’t perform such actions, because you don’t have direct access to customization section. The connector apps are provided ‘as is’.

Nevertheless, probably there’s a workaround solution. The plugin manager is a plugin too. You can perform the same actions for it as for other plugins. Please check out this title: Adding new plugins to server editors - ONLYOFFICE
It describes manual plugin installation on the server.
the point is that you can remove the plugin manager folder and restart all services to disable this feature for all users.
Here’s my test where I removed this folder (and Macro folder too):

As you can see, plugin manager is no more available.

NB! I would recommend to prepare a copy of this folder just in case, if you decide to rollback changes.

Thank you @Alexandre. That did work.

First I removed marketplace and then I did not restart service, and was seeing broken functionality. I thought there was some other way to do it, but in the end I forgot to restart. Silly me.

After reading your comment it struck me. Thanks for assisting!

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