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ONLYOFFICE Docs v7.3 released

How to sync OnlyOffice Community for 50,000+ LDAP users?

Community Server/Control Panel version: 12.1.1194
Type of installation of Workspace (docker, deb/rpm, exe): exe
OS: Windows Server 2016
Browser version: Firefox 109.0 (64-bit)

Hello, I had tried syncing 50,000 users from LDAP in OnlyOffice and encountered an error similar to https:/ /

This was the message shown to me while the syncing went to 5%:

But even after encountering the error, the error disappeared and it was going on normally and all users from AD where visible in People Tab from the Portal. And everything was working fine.

Later next day, I saw this kind of message on the portal:

So I went in Web.config and changed <customErrors mode="Off"/> to On to find actual error… Then on the same runtime error page it showed me some other error for a while similar to Maximum active users exceeded… Then later evening the runtime error message changed to SqlException: Access Denied for User 'root'@'localhost' (using password: YES) and with so many errors popping up I re-installed the OS and lost all logs as a result… so please bare with me for lack of proper information.

Thank you. :slightly_smiling_face:

Hello @OnlyOfficeTester
I believe we have to start with whole Community server logs. Please reproduce the issue and provide us with whole logs folder. It’s located here: Program Files (x86)\Ascensio System SIA\CommunityServer\Logs

Hi @Alexandre, sorry for late reply, I had been trying to replicate the issue since then and now I have same issue with message “The current pricing plan user limit has been reached.” instead of “Server internal error.” right now it has imported 10,000 users and I’m not able to import more.

I wanted to import around 50,800 but was never told about the limit. Also in the earlier instance of the problem, I imported 35,000 users somehow, working correctly. But the next day after a restart of the system, I went into a runtime error.

I believe we have to take a look at your Community and Control Panel logs. Please provide us with requested logs. If they contain sensitive data, you can contact me via PM.

Control Panel Log:

2023-02-14 11:15:22,519 ERROR [8] localhost - ASC - TenantQoutaException. ASC.Core.Tenants.TenantQuotaException: Exceeds the maximum active users (10000)
at ASC.ActiveDirectory.LdapUserManager.TryAddLDAPUser(UserInfo ldapUserInfo, Boolean onlyGetChanges, UserInfo& protalUserInfo)
at ASC.ActiveDirectory.LdapUserManager.SyncLDAPUser(UserInfo ldapUserInfo, List`1 ldapUsers, LdapChangeCollection& changes, Boolean onlyGetChanges)
at ASC.ActiveDirectory.ComplexOperations.LdapSaveSyncOperation.SyncDbUsers(List`1 ldapUsers)
at ASC.ActiveDirectory.ComplexOperations.LdapSaveSyncOperation.SyncLDAPUsers()
at ASC.ActiveDirectory.ComplexOperations.LdapSaveSyncOperation.Do()

Control Panel / web.controlpanel.02-15:

2023-02-15 16:52:01 - info: settings/ldap/status
2023-02-15 16:52:02 - info: settings/ldap/status
2023-02-15 16:52:03 - info: settings/ldap/status
2023-02-15 16:52:04 - info: settings/ldap/status
2023-02-15 16:52:05 - info: settings/ldap/status

I’m not sure that I am able to help you with this scenario. Could you please contact colleagues of mine via Zendesk?
They will try to figure out the situation.

Is there a limit of how many active users can be in Community Server? Because this clearly seems so. The reason behind me saying this is because as the logs show this is a custom application created exception to promote Enterprise edition, but we are trying to figure out if the product meets our needs first. Also there is no information about this restriction anywhere on the website. Can you connect me with someone else on the forum?

As far as I see, you have already contacted colleagues of mine via Zendesk. Please continue communication with them. Unfortunately, I’m not able to provide support in this scenario.

Ok. Thank you for the assistance.

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