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How to start the CRM from source?

Dear Only Office Community

I’m interested in running the OnlyOffice CRM backend. I can see that the constructor requires a context object:

        public CRMApi(ApiContext context)
            _context = context;

When I start the CRM project, I receive the following message from VisualStudio

Could you give a basic working example of such an executable project that starts up the backend CRM?

Hello @mzh
I’m not sure that I understand the scenario right. CRM is a part of Community server. Are you looking for the way to deploy separated CRM module only? If so, this isn’t possible.
Please provide us with details of desired scenario (step-by-step).

Dear @Alexandre Thank you for your answer and apoligies for my unclear question.

I would like to start the community server. Which project do I need ti set as the “Startup Project” in Visual Studio?

Hello @mzh
Please note that we do not provide support for source code changes on the forum. If you need some help with such questions, it’s better to create an issue on GitHub, my colleagues will check it out.
If you want to use Community server as is (it is included in Groups and Workspace products), please take a look at these installation guides:
In general, Community server uses stack of following technologies: .NET Framework, MySQL, Java, ElasticSearch, Redis, Python.
If I misunderstood the situation, please clarify it.