How to shut down OnlyOffice 5.5.4

I have a very old OnlyOffice version 5.5.4 from July 2020 running in production. This was compiled and built from the github source.

I need to shut it down so I can use a newer version. The instructions for this say to run script, but there is no such script in this version.

Does anyone know how to do it?

Is it possible that I have missed a build step to create that file?

This script was always installed with the Document Server. If it is missing, try getting it from here:

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Thankyou very much - looks like I did, indeed, miss out a build step - I don’t have that github repo checked out at all!

At what point in the build process should I run the Makefile in that package? And where do the environment variable parameters come from?

I’d recommend following this guide to build Document Server:

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