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How to share a folder in OnlyOffice Personal?

I’m wondering how to share a folder in the free personal version of
In the FAQ for mobile versions it says that this should be possible but when I look for it in the browser version there is no option for folders. Single files can be shared though.
Is this a bug or am I limited because of the free version? How to make it work?
Thanks in advance.

ONLYOFFICE cloud: Personal (free only version)
Browser version: Firefox 100.0

Hello @kojid
Unfortunately, you can’t share a folder in ONLYOFFICE Personal, the only way is to send out one link per document. Nevertheless, I will consider your message a suggestion and forward it to the development department for further consideration.

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I am a new user and this is one of the things I would also find very useful.

Hello @FussBudget
Thank you for the feedback! I will forward your request to our development team.