How to setHyperlink reference to other sheet of same doc?

I had read the document of SetHyperlink, but I can’t set a link to the next sheet’s A1 cell in the same document.
I’ve tried these formats:

oWorksheet.SetHyperlink("A1", "Sheet2!A2", "123", "test");
oWorksheet.SetHyperlink("A1", "'Sheet2'!A2", "123", "test");

I am able to set the hyperlink via UI menu, but I don’t know how to get the hyperlink I just set, so I have no idea.

Please help to see, thank you.

Hello @darkhandz
Sorry for the late reply. We have been checking situation and we have added a suggestion to internal tracksystem (internal number - 57111). There’s no way to set Hyperlink reference via API methods at the moment.
We have started working on it. Sorry for inconvenience.