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How to set a shared file can't be printed via Community Server API

Hello Team

As the title, I share a file via put{fileId}/share, I set access = 2 as below:
“share”: [
“shareTo”: “2793869c-7106-47e9-b3a3-4ef5c29a5519”,
“access”: 2
then the file is read only, but it’s still can be print, copy, and download, how can I do?


Nobody knows???

Hello @jm.zhang

We are sorry for the late reply.

As for the case:
Right now we do not have a possibility to restrict the access to the shared file via API. This feature will be implemented in future.
Unfortunately, there is no certain date of release.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

Thanks for your replay, is there any way of making files can’t be printed in the default case when building App? modify the App configuration or DB records?

And I build a web app directly from your dot net sources, I didn’t change any codes and config

Unfortunately, for now we do not have such instructions in API section.