How to select only visible cells in spreadsheets

I need to be able to select only the currently visible cells (ignoring any hidden rows or columns) and then paste the values into a new sheet.

I can do this in excel find and select>special>visible cells.

I use this very frequently - is the functionality available in Onlyoffice spreadsheets?

Hey, @RoyA
Seems like I got the question. The table editor copies all the rows, regardless of whether they’re hidden or not.

Give me a sec, I think I’ve dealt with something similar before.

It seems that our table editor has an issue with selecting the content of hidden cells along with visible ones.

We need some time to discuss the situation internally. I will update this thread when we have something to share.

There is a bug for this issue.
We are working on it already (internal tracknumber - 35254).
I’ve added your request to mentioned suggestion.