How to scroll the screen to the desired position

please. How to scroll the screen to the desired position? I use “oworksheet. Setactive();” and
“oRange.Select();” ,The cell was activated successfully, but the screen was not scrolled.
the sheetlabel color is also wrong.

Hello xcar.
There are no methods for such file manipulating in Document builder. The builder methods were conceived as manipulation of the document itself, not the editor. I think your question can be solved with a plugin methods.

thank you. Alexandre.

       Yes, I do it through plugin . My code is as follows, but the screen does not scroll.

		window.Asc.plugin.callCommand(function() {                   	
				var oWorksheet = Api.GetSheet(“sheet1”);
				var row = 85;
				var col = 15;
				var oRange = oWorksheet.GetRangeByNumber(row, col);
			}, false);

Unfortunately, we don’t have ready-to-go solution for your request. But I think you should start your research here:

Try to adapt these methods for your purpose.