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How to run FileConverter and DocService in separate containers


I’m trying to run the ONLYOFFICE DocumentServer using Docker (, however I noticed that this runs both the FileConverter and DocService processes in the same container. How can I run them separately? I found the onlyoffice/docs-docservice and onlyoffice/docs-converter Docker images, but I’m not sure what they do, as they are neither documented, nor was I able to find anything about them in your GitHub organization

Hi @fr3fou,
These containers are used in a k8s installation.

Yeah, that’s where I found those images, however that doesn’t answer my questions though -
Can I use the onlyoffice/documentserver and have it run either the FileConverter OR the DocService process (but not both at the same time)?
Where are the onlyoffice/docs-docservice & onlyoffice/docs-converter images built & published in your GitHub organization? I’d like to build them myself

These images are for commercial use only, there are no open-source versions of them. They are designed specifically for k8s installations and can’t be used in any other cases.

Okay, but can I somehow have the onlyoffice/documentserver only run the DocService or FileConverter process (but not both)?

No, this is not possible.