How to resize SmartArt picture?

OS version: Ubuntu 23.10 (Gnome 45 WAYLAND)
App version: OO Desktop editors
Downloaded from: Flatpak

I want to insert a figure containing subfigures (something similar to the first image of At first I tried with a borderless table, but then I found SmartArts and they seem really convenient for this purpose, as I can use a single caption and titles for each figure.

I’ve inserted the following SmartArt (Picture Grid), but I don’t know how to resize specific images. Since my images have rectangular ratios (16:9), they get either cropped or decreased to fit their square containers, but I want to resize these containers so that my pictures are shown as expected.

When I double click on a container its resize handles become visible, but they are unresponsible as far as I’ve tested (they show a visualization of the image being resized along its center, but don’t do anything besides it). I can move the containers and their titles just fine, but it seems I can’t resize them.


Hi @jrom

That’s a fair point. :handshake:
I’m checking the situation. I will update this thread once I get any news.

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Your request to change the size of the shape within SmartArt has been registered. :+1:

However, we do not have any estimated time frames of the release available yet.

Thanks! I actually could replicate a SmartArt by just grouping together a bunch of images and text boxes that each had the “over text” wrapping style, while the group itself had the “top and bottom” one.

The ability to group as well as use a single caption for the entire group made it really easy.

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Hello @jrom :grinning:

According to me SmartArt in OO Desktop editors doesn’t let you resize images very well.
so you can try these easier ways:

  • Use a table without borders
  • Use separate shapes and text boxes
  • Resize images before adding them
  • Create a layout in a drawing tool
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