How to reduce memory usage?

I follow this install instruction to install the workspace: Installing server version using the provided script - ONLYOFFICE

  • RAM at least 8 GB (12 GB recommended)

After install, I saw it does need around 7G memory. My server is only used by few people, I think 7G is too much. Is there any way to reduce memory usage?

I also saw this: Installing ONLYOFFICE Workspace using Docker Compose - ONLYOFFICE . From there, I go to GitHub repository: and saw:

  • RAM: 4 GB or more

Why this method need less memory? I really do not want to reinstall my server use the docker-compose method. Is there any to let me configure my server (installed by provided script) to use less RAM?


I did some research by myself.

Looks like the COMMUNITY_CONTAINER used too much RAM. it starts 4 nginx workers, and use around 4G RAM. I cannot find a way to change it to 1 worker.

All other 4 containers (document / control panel / mysql / elasticsearch) looks OK to me.
I did not install the mail containter.

For now, I just follow this instruction to install document server ONLY. Installation Guides - Docs Community Edition - ONLYOFFICE The memory usage reduce to 1G now.

But I lost the functions, like: “control panel” and “full text search”. Actually, I like these functions. Just feel 7 G RAM is too much.

If the workspace version could run within 4G RAM, I really like to keep it.

Hi @kaman, 8 gb is the minimal requirement for Workspace. With less RAM your portal will work very slowly. Elastisearch alone requires about 4gb RAM for correct functioning of full-text search feature.

The issue is NOT Elastisearch.

The COMMUNITY_SERVER take too much RAM. There should be a way to configure COMMUNITY_SERVER. If we could let it start with ONE nginx worker, it will use less RAM.

Also, why only need 4G RAM when using “Docker Compose” to install? (I did not try)

Is there any difference? or the document is outdated?

Documentation on system requirements for Docker Compose is outdated.

You can istall Workspace on a machine with less RAM than required. To do that, run the installation script with an additional parameter:
bash -skiphc true (the parameter means skip hardware check).
But be ready for slow performance of the portal.