How to read the selected values of the manually created content controls within document macro editor?

I am trying to develop a document with some content controls and then read the values selected within document macro editor.

The content controls are presented below
There are combobox, checkbox and datepicker.

The macro code looks like so

    var oDocument = Api.GetDocument();
    var aContentControls = oDocument.GetAllContentControls();
    console.log(aContentControls[0].[statement to get the value selected]);

Looking through the documentation I cannot figure out which statement to use to get the values selected in the presented content controls.

Could you please provide some examples with statements (for combobox, checkbox and datepicker) to be used to retrieve the selected content control values?

Hello @DeemaRyba

You can :

var sContent = Api.GetDocument().GetAllContentControls()[0]

Please note that for checkbox it returns simply a character that is used (checked or unchecked) because at the moment we do not have methods to return checkbox state.

In general, this macros gets all Content Controls in the document, gets range of specified one and collects the content but as text.