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How to perform clean up activity of only office document editor server to remove old data , logs to reduce memory consumption we are using another data storage

Document Server version: ONLYOFFICE Community Server
Type of installation of the Document Server (docker, deb/rpm, exe) : AMI ONLYOFFICE Docs 7.0.0- Ubuntu 20.04
After editing we are updating docs in our own s3 account.
so we need clean the files from document server

 "storage": {
                "name": "storage-fs",
                "fs": {
                        "folderPath": "",
                        "urlExpires": 900,
                        "secretString": "verysecretstring"
                "region": "",
                "endpoint": "http://localhost/s3",
                "bucketName": "cache",
                "storageFolderName": "files",
                "urlExpires": 604800,
                "accessKeyId": "AKID",
                "secretAccessKey": "SECRET",
                "sslEnabled": false,
                "s3ForcePathStyle": true,
                "externalHost": ""

Hello @damaji
Please note that Document server doesn’t contain files or user data. When editing session is over, all data will be removed shortly. This parameter is related to services.CoAuthoring.expire.files in the default.json file (default value is 86400 seconds -24 hours). So, you don’t need to do anything else.
You can check more information about default.json parameters here: Configuring ONLYOFFICE Docs Developer Edition - oficina online
If you changed cache folder, you can manually removed data from old cache folder. As for logs, logs directory doesn’t change in case of connecting s3 cache folder. So logs are collected to the same path as before.

thanks it is quite hlpful

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