How to package the compiled file into an exe installation package?

I tried to execute make exe with document-server-package library, but there seems to be some missing environment, can you give me some solutions?

git clone GitHub - ONLYOFFICE/document-server-package: Packages for Document Server build_tools cd document-server-package PRODUCT_VERSION=‘8.0.1’ BUILD_NUMBER=‘31’ make exe

Hello @yiwen

As I can see you have started an issue on GitHub too. My colleague has responded there that enhancement suggestion was registered to add possibility to compile application to EXE with build_tools.

I have used build_tools to successfully execute the build process in windows, and have generated a running file in the out directory, but use the document-server-package library, make exe
Unable to execute

I’m afraid that there is not guide available for that. As per registered suggestion, once possibility to compile EXE with build_tools is implemented, I will provide an update.