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ONLYOFFICE Docs v7.3 released

How to open/edit Office365 Sharepoint documents with Dektop Editors on Ubuntu Linux

I want to Ask a how-to question:

Result: Opening a document in Office365 Sharepoint will allow me to edit it and update it using ONLYOFFICE Desktop Editors
OS version: Pop!_OS 21.10
App version: ONLYOFFICE Desktop Editors version (flatpak)
Downloaded from: flathub

I uninstalled LibreOffice and installed ONLYOFFICE Desktop Editors. The uri schemes seem to still be associated with LibreOffice. I would like to update them so that ONLYOFFICE DE will open Sharepoint documents by default.
I am a Linux user but my corporate enviroment uses Sharepoint (Office 365). The web editors by Microsoft are unfortunately very limited and buggy.
I hope that someone has run into something similar or at least can point me in the right direction.

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Hello @dlouwers
Could you please provide us with a videofile of mentioned scenario. We will check it out.

After a year still no resolution to this? I’m going to be in this same boat-- my organization uses Sharepoint and I am considering migrating from MacOS to Pop!_OS but I want to make sure that ONLYOFFICE will work with Sharepoint and MFA. I’m guessing not, since it’s not in the documentation, and the only mention of a how-to is for Windows only. But I figured it’s worth confirming.

Hello @astronomerdave
I believe you misunderstood the original message. Topic starter described the situation with Desktop Editors and files associations. We asked for additional information, but unfortunately the user didn’t come back to us.

I want to make sure that ONLYOFFICE will work with Sharepoint

It works. Please take a look at this title: Integration. Getting Started. SharePoint - ONLYOFFICE

You can integrate Document server with your Sharepoint storage. If I misunderstood your question, please clarify it.

Sorry if I misunderstood the OP but I appreciate your reply @Alexandre. As I mentioned,

but the instructions you referenced appear to be for Windows. Are there similar instructions for linux? Thanks!

Sharepoint is the storage in fact. It can be deployed on Windows Server only as far as I understand. But you can work with files (editing files which are stored on SharePoint) from any laptop with any OS.
The instructions above are related to integration process. This way your users can use web-browser to work with it.

Please note that there’s the difference between Desktop Editors ( and server-based solution (Document server:Installation Guides - Docs - ONLYOFFICE). Sharepoint can work with server-based solution via the integration.

Right. My organization uses Sharepoint. I can use Office365 applications on my personal computer to open and edit documents on my organization’s Sharepoint.

It doesn’t appear that I can do that with OnlyOffice. As a test, I just downloaded OnlyOffice onto a Mac and it allows me to open local files, or “cloud” files, but Sharepoint is not an option for cloud files.

So it looks like I have my answer now; it seems that OnlyOffice does not have the ability to directly open Sharepoint files (at least not the MacOS version). If I’m missing something then please let me know.

If you want to use Desktop Editors only, you are right. There’s no integration between Desktop Editors and Sharepoint.
But, if you are going to use Document server, your users will be able to open and edit files from SharePoint via laptop browser (the editor will be available via any browser).

Hey, just FYI I found a possible work-around: ExpanDrive. I just tested it on a linux system as follows:

I installed ONLYOFFICE and the ExpanDrive demo on a linux system, and showed myself that I could use ONLYOFFICE to open a Sharepoint document as a “local” file because ExpanDrive makes it look like Sharepoint is on the local filesystem.

So you lose the ability to open a document directly from Sharepoint and have it open the editor from there, and you probably lose the ability to see live changes, but it does allow direct access to Sharepoint and looks like it might be a pretty good compromise.

We didn’t test this workaround solution, so I cannot provide any guarantees of stable work.
Anyway, we are glad that you managed the situation. Please feel free to contact us if you face any issues.