How to not display void values in a X-Y chart?

I have a secondary set of data, issued from a primary set of data. In the secondary set, I hide some values and replace them by void strings like “” by a formula looking like =IF(first_set_data <> desired figure; “”; desired figure)
The other values are numbers.
When creating a X-Y chart, the void figures appear like having zero value and are displayed as a dot on the X-axis (where Y=0).
In order to avoid having all theses unnecessary dots forming a meaningless or confusing horizontal line at the bottom of the chart, I changed, the lower limit of the vertical axis, via the advanced parameters, setting the lower limit at 0.1 (the upper limit is 1)
Dispite this artefact, the unnecessary dots still appear, below the horizontal axis!
I would like to get a chart feature that does not think better than I do and just does what I want to get.
Thanks in advance for your help !

Hello Michel,
Please provide some additional information on the issue:

  1. Version of the Document Server you are using.
  2. Example file.

Hello Carl,

Please find an exemple spreadsheet. Concerned chart is in top-left corner of tab Ana_coûts.
OnlyOffice release Nextcloud release 19
Kind regards

I have the same problem but coming from a different route:
My data points are the weight of our child and the percentile curves from the WHO. the Percentile Curves have values for each month, while we have weight data for several times a week. Therefore if I plot the percentile values and the weight values over the number of months (as a decimal) i get a line that keeps spiking up for times there is a value and going back to zero where there are no values (like a comb with the spikes pointing upwards).
Is there any way to tell onlyoffice to ignore data “pairs” that are not pairs but just have one value?

Hello @heimchemiker
Could you please provide us with a test file with detailed description of the situation? You can make screenshots\draw a scheme.